Divorce is a complicated process filled with legal uncertainties and emotional difficulties. Even the most amicable situations can result in unexpected conflicts regarding property and matters pertaining to your children. During a divorce, it is always in your best interests to seek guidance and counsel from a skilled family law attorney. The Law Office of Melissa A. Cook, PLLC is ready and able to assist with even the most complex cases, whether contested or uncontested.Property Community Property is considered any assets acquired during the marriage, unless a spouse can prove otherwise. In Texas, marital property is divided equitably, unless good cause exists for a disproportionate division of the community estate. Property division, even in an uncontested divorce, can become extremely complex when several assets are involved or there is disagreement over items classified as Community or Separate property. A competent and thorough attorney can ensure nothing is overlooked and the assets are distributed fairly.

Uncontested Divorce The court encourages spouses seeking a divorce to work out their own agreements regarding asset distribution and issues regarding your children. This is called an uncontested divorce and usually requires the assistance of a skilled family law attorney with considerable experience in divorce cases. Once an agreement is worked out, an Agreed Final Decree of Divorce is prepared, signed by both spouses and then submitted to the court for approval.